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Inner Beauty

Inner beauty at YHB is serviced by Katrina Loukas. She is excited to be adding the SOUL dimension to YHB and can’t wait for you to sample her work!

Katrina is a self-mastery coach & holistic psychotherapist with a world-wide client base. She is also an author, poet, mathematician, speaker, energy mastery teacher & energy healer.

So, why not get Energy healing and Holistic Life Coaching performed by an ex-mathematician? That way at least you GET IT SOLVED!

Katrina specialises in grief, depression, trauma and life changes as well as uncommon love bonds (also known as ‘Twin Flames’) – to name a few.

Overall, the type of clients Katrina attracts are those that just ‘know’ she can help them.

Prepare to have plenty of aha moments!

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Praise for Holistic Life Coaching

soul therapy, twin flames

Katrina is science and magic. She is incurably wise, playful and fun. She brings me joy and rattles my cage in the most delicious way. I love the way she addles my mind with new paradigms…

Kim 43, Sutherland Shire


Katrina was able to quickly and intuitively diagnose the root cause of my situation, and offer both practical and spiritual solutions.  At all times I felt a genuine warmth and compassion from Katrina, backed by a solid intellect and perceptive presence.  I would recommend Katrina to anyone seeking fresh and effective ways forward from their current challenges!.

Peter 36, Robertson
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Praise for Inner-Foliation – (Reiki-Inspired energy healing)

I have no idea what you did.. but I’d have to say that you’re an absolute majestical godsend of an angel, your work is just pure divinity.

Terry (35) Sydney, Australia

Amazing, exciting sensation and experience. I could feel Katrina’s energy around me. I could feel her hand over my heart and her presence. It was a very personal experience I have never had before.

Toni (47), Bangor, Australia

Wow I felt it so strongly it was amazing! I could feel my whole body tingle while the healing was taking place and I felt the energy shifting especially around my chest area.. After the healing I felt rejuvenated, as if I’d just had a nap and so much lighter!…

Helena (36), Blakehurst, Australia

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About Holistic Life Coaching @YHB

Katrina uses process-oriented psychology during her consultations. This is a mindful type of psychology where the therapist facilitates the client’s own mindfulness – helping them navigate through their current concerns using a deep level of awareness – accessible to everyone. In this way, Katrina empowers the client – allowing them to obtain a profound level of understanding of their own psychology; and realising just how much their own wisdom counts.

Katrina loves to conclude all Holistic Life Coaching Sessions with 5-15 mins of Inner-foliation (Reiki-inspired healing) – to shift emotional debris. This creates a feeling of relaxing rejuvenation and a renewed sense of life.

If you’ve tried counsellors and therapists and feel it’s just not happening for you – this may be exactly what you need, to be shown how to be a MASTER OF YOUR OWN PSYCHOLOGY.

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