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Katrina Loukas

Creative Director, Holistic Psychotherapist/ Life Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner.

Katrina is committed to forging a NEW way in business, where heart and mind work together so that the business is eco-friendly, customer-centric, and strives to formulate beneficial community-based initiatives.

She is a qualified Holistic Psychotherapist with a worldwide client-base.

She is also a world-renown energy-mastery teacher & self-mastery coach. Her book – The Matrix Exposed – has been well-received by those at the forefront of this exciting, empowering new area of personal development. Her previous work as a mathematician and statistician helped her analyse the intangibles in life, and so develop models to empower the human psyche whereby people can begin to master their own psychology – a much more sustainable approach to mental health, than many of the current mainstream methods employed today.

Her work has to be experienced to be believed… And for that, she has quite a following.

Katrina clearly has a love for mankind and more so for the well being of all mankind. Her pragmatic, non-nonsense, empathetic approach cultivates results and from areas that come as complete surprise.
My initial question was to Katrina was . How do you tie the soul stuff we all work on with the head stuff??? I now know!”

Tom (53), Liverpool


Katrina is also a mother of two teenagers (help!), a poet and an entrepreneur. Sometimes she does not understand why people aren’t more excited to be alive, because for her, life is a an opportunity to experience the magic of existence firsthand. Hence her excitement and playful attitude. She guesses this is  why her daughter often points out, “sometimes you’re just too much”…

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